Sub-Soiler in action at - 400 mm

Mulching + Subsoiling

Experienced operators with a deep sense of safety and experience in seismic lines both receiver and sources, new pipeline Right-Of-Way, new powerline construction as well as maintenance of facilities one the product is due for brushing.


Manual Falling and Brushing

Highly trained and certified hand fallers, buckers and ropers are up to the most difficult task. we pride ourself on having the best in the industry and are highly respected in the logging community.

Forestry Project Management, computers on desk

Project Management

You need supervision, ticketing, and billing 3rd party invoices of your project? we do it all, we have a team for you that will take your product from draft to finished product according to your contractual verbiage.


Pine Beetle Control

over 10 years of Pine beetle treatment experience will leave you speechless on the professionalism, paperwork, and product delivery


Mechanized Logging/Clearing

Need a Right of Way right away? Complete operations from stump to dump. satisfaction guaranteed finished product.

Drone in fire

Burning and Wildfire Fighting

S-100 and s-185 certified forest firefighters are commanding our burning effort. whether happening ton stripped soil or on a sloop, we have the expertise.


We hear you when you talk.

With in depth understanding of both business and field operations, our team's flawless communication skills makes projects seamless when intertwining with other contractors on site. You will get accurate reporting and forecasts to plan your next steps accordingly.

Safety is at the cor of our business.

Several compiled years of forestry safety leadership. Leading in the industry with a 0 incident mindset every morning will deliver you a hassle free project. We do business by walking the talk and are Alberta COR certified, ISN Network compliant, Complyworks members and have contractor commercial liability adapted to each contract.

Safety Agent giving a field talk to fallers in tailgate meeting before falling trees
COR ISN Complyworks

Hire us.

Our guarantee is to provide you with the very best and reliable equipment available, highly skilled operators and personnel because we understand that you have enough to manage as it is.