Mulching and Sub Soiling Explained:

Mulching has become a speciality vegetation removal technique of choice due to the many benefits involved in the process.

Mulching is achieved by using a tracked machine armed with a horizontal drum with teeth that shreds brush and trees into a mulch. the layer of mulch and coarsness of the mulch is determided by the client and produced by the operator.

Advantages of mulching:

  • One machine with very low ground pressure does all the steps of Falling, brushing and mulching.
  • Vegetation is felled and managed in one step.
  • processes all types of vegetations at once.
  • leaves a finished product no need for secondary operations.

Sub-soiling is new in Alberta and we are pioneers in this area. Subsoiling is like a mulcher but underground. The Idea is to destroy all roots systems and separating dirt grades at the same time. it is getting more and more adopted by the industry because of it versatility. it is also a replacement for grubbing.