You have question? We have answers.

What kind of experience do you have?

A large array of small to major project from white zone to green zone, inter-FMA pipeline clearing, Helipad building, Cathodic Protection brushing programs, steep slope falling, UTT falling, National Parks clearing, environmentally sensitive area brushing and new powerline construction. And of course tons of seismic projects.

What Safety standards do you have?

We are Alberta COR certified and registered with ISN Network, Complyworks and have WorkSafeBC Certification. All personnel has at least H2S Alive, First Aid, BSO and PST or CSTS.

What makes you different from your competition?

We specialize whereas others diversify. This commitment lays ingrained in our culture where we choose to be great instead big. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do by remaining open to new opinions and feedback. We work hard to improve with each opportunity and let our previous work dictate the next one.

What is a Sub-Soiler?

A Sub-Soiler is a forestry tiller (also called subsoiler or rotovator) for grinding stumps and roots down to a depth of 400 mm, depending on driving speed and soil conditions. It replaces the grubbing and stumping operations and is a less invasive and ground disturbing intense than the ladder.

What about the environment?

At Mistik we care a lot about the environment. This is why we have developed several procedures that are enforced by all of us all the time in order to achieve minimal impact on our beloved earth. This includes but not limited to: Secondary containment for refueling and parking procedures and 100 meter buffer zones in environmentally sensitive areas.