Clearing and Brushing Explained.

Clearing and or brushing and common words to describe the action of removing the vegetation layer form a determined piece of land. Vegetation can be anything that grows; from grass to mature trees.

The means to remove and manage this vegetation will vary in cost and time accordingly to the clients specifications.

Depending on terrain, budget, timing of the year, agreements in place a Mistik Specialist will determine which is the most efficient use of resource to deal with your project. It could  be by means of conventional logging by using mechanical equipment such as Bunchers, Skidders, Mulchers and processors or by using ground crews of certified fallers and buckers (lumberjacks) to cut down trees and process them into manageable pieces. in cases where the vegetation is small brush a crew with industrial brush saws can clear up to 1 hectare per day. It all depends on 3 things:

1: Scope of work: What is the expected final product requirement?

2: Size of Vegetation: If they are trees what do you want done with them once on the ground? if its brush, how do you want to deal with it?

3: Terrain and Agreements complexity: Sometimes it just makes sense to send Fallers to do a job manually if the permit process to cross machines on a pipeline or road use agreements are out price or time-frame.