A forest location is shown, cleared of trees, ready to have a water supply buried beneath. Large blue pipe sections recede off into the distance.

Our Approach

We believe in equal opportunity and this is our why. We mentor, train and educate our team members in the pursuit of excellence. Safety is at the cor of our business and accountability is the ship that convey this message. Through a series of successful project we debrief as a team to emphasise what went great, what could have been better and adjust protocols and procedures constantly make every project even better than the last one.

Our Story

Wanting to fight stigma and reputation we built this business to offer the best in class service to our customers and the best in class opportunity for those who want to make a difference for their families and future generations.

Meet the Team

the founding persons of the enterprise with the vision of efficiency, safety and excellence in leadership.


Deena Nault


Deena's business savvy and people skills are the driver behind the engine. Her indigenous background goes back to the beginning of the the Red River Metis settlement  tied to Andre Nault's Family tree.


Donald Ironside

Vice President

Donald is a veteran forestry professional with a large background in business and market strategy. His profound understanding of ground disturbance has permitted a thorough understanding of clearing impacts.


Philippe Levesque


Philippe has a excellent forestry background in major energy projects and management. His track record is impeccable thus bringing the standards of this enterprise to a specialist level.

Next Steps...

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